Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Important News and Opportunities!

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome Back! We hope you had a wonderful holiday break, enjoyed quality time with friends and family and are feeling rested and rejuvenated.  We have a lot of great opportunities coming your way, so be sure to read all the way to the end. 

Sign up NOW for the Healthy Schools Move Challenge!!!

This program is FREE to your students, their families and all staff, so get on board and complete an Ultramarathon (100 miles) of movement! Prizes will be awarded! Kudos to Cresthill Middle School and Cherry Valley Elementary for getting their schools signed up. They will be receiving a Healthy Breakfast for the first 75 participants registered. Your school could be next! Call or email me and I'm to help get you started! 720-810-6314 or andrea.willis@dcsdk12.org.  

COME to the Healthy Schools Leadership Retreat in Vail, Colorado on June 11th and 12th! We can take 25 lucky folks with us and cover your lodging, parking, mileage and per diem! If you are interested in attending this incredible leadership and training retreat, please send me an email with your name. We will be drawing names in the next couple weeks!

Great Body Shop: We have extra materials and resources FREE to a good home. First come, first serve! 

GoNoodle: This is a perfect way to incorporate brain breaks into your classroom! The work is done for you and students LOVE it! Kristina Clark offers free trainings to staff. (See flyer in inter-district mail coming soon.)

JAM World Record Contest 2015

(Feb. 12th at 10am)


As a district, we will be participating in this national competition and the state that rallies the most people to sign up and commit to taking a quick fitness break on February 12th wins this year's JAM title. It's easy, it's fun, it costs nothing, and you can do it from wherever you are. And, rally everyone around you to join you on the 12th. Look for more details on which JAM we'll be doing in THINK coming soon!


Healthy School Highlight!

Check out Cherry Valley's flourishing Tower Garden paid for by the Healthy Schools mini grant last spring. Jan Francis and her students incorporate learning into the care of the garden and even sell the fresh produce to families at the school, which supports their Ag Program. Keep up the great work! 


We are excited to offer you many different training opportunities this spring. Please take a look and see what might fit the needs of your staff and students. Email or call me with questions and to get more information on signing up or bringing these trainings to your school! 

 FREE Fitness Classes for Students and Staff

What better and easier way to bring health right to your school than having free fitness classes offered to your students and staff. All you need to do is pick a class, day and time and we'll find the instructor for you. Ready to get started? Email Laurie LaComb at Lauren.LaComb@dcsdk12.org. 

Want to get a Fitness Certification? 

We can pay up to $1,000 towards a fitness certification of your choice. Then, all we ask is that you bring these skills back and share your learning with the district by offering 20 hours of classes for staff or students. Contact Laurie LaComb for more information on this incredible opportunity! (Lauren.LaComb@dcsdk12.org)

Teaching with the Brain in Mind

DCSD is offering a 2 hour training for staff and administrators on Brain-Based learning. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how the learning brain functions, experience neuro-considered strategies that can be implemented into their planning, classroom and content to enhance student learning. (andrea.willis@dcsdk12.org)

Healthy Family Habits

Families are increasingly busy with work, homework and activities. Learn some tools to help your family stay healthy while on the go! This 1-2 hour class explores nutrition, healthy cooking, stress relief and exercise to keep the family active and healthy. This is a great one for your staff!

Movement for Improvement Training 

We will be offering two 1/2 day trainings with Master Trainers Gym and Caroline Street this spring in DCSD. They offer a unique Action Based Learning workshop as a team with experience in the gym and the classroom. Using the latest developments in brain research, they will engage the audience with the fascinating science of the brain and then put it to use. Participants will come away with a new passion for teaching and learning and will be equipped with the knowledge of how, when and why to implement movement into your classroom and gym the very next day. (More information on this to come!)

Fizika Active Learning Specialist Training 

Fizika Active Learning is an evidence-based approach that helps educators achieve physical literacy through the learning process, to improve academic and health outcomes. This online graduate level course provides teachers and administrators with the science, methodologies, and leadership tools needed to apply the principles of using the body to help the mind learn effectively. (Graduate Credit Available)

Take a Kim Bevill Online Course

To bring meaningful change in education, Kim has insisted on training educators on the applicable neuroscience and the instructional strategies that work for anyone with a brain!  Be ready to think outside the box in a highly interactive training.  Participants consistently report feeling a new passion, purpose, and inspiration to new endeavors. They draw on groundbreaking research and hands-on experience to bring high performance results. These unique training opportunities help people move to the next level of efficiency, learning, health and wellness. (Graduate Credit Available)
Website: http://teacherrecertificationcourses.com/

FREE Kaiser Programs

Laughaceuticals: Laughter is the best medicine. 
Feeling bogged down or stressed? Well this training is for you! Laughaceuticals works with your staff on the benefits of laughter and play and how to encourage using more humor and fun into your daily routine. (This training is about an hour and great for a staff meeting or PLC day.)

Educational Theatre Programs (ETP)
Through music, comedy and drama, our live theatre programs are offered to schools and communities free of charge. They cover important health topics, such as healthy eating, physical activity, diversity, peer pressure, conflict management, bullying prevention, domestic violence, dealing with grief and loss, depression, sexually transmitted diseases, literacy promotion, and drug, alcohol and tobacco abuse. 

Other Community Partner Training Opportunities

January Events:
- Integrating Physical Activity Into the School Day
·         January 22, 2015
·         Pueblo

- Using Technology in PE
·         January 26, 2015
·         Durango

February Events:
- Highly Effective Teaching in K-12 Physical Education: Putting All the Pieces Together
·         February 6, 2015
·         Gunnison

- Teaching With The Brain In Mind- Brain Based Learning  Part 2
·         February 13, 2015
·         Pueblo

·         February 16, 2015
·         Grand Junction


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