Friday, January 12, 2018

January 2018

Welcome to 2018!  My sister shared with me an idea for the new year: "Look like you are 20, and feel like you are 18".  Beyond the sheer humor in this statement, there is a hidden lesson.  One way to look at this is that 18 year-olds generally do not allow fear to get in their way, and they attack life's challenges with determination to succeed, as they try to enjoy the ride every step of the way.  This year will be full of its challenges and failures as usual, and a positive mindset will help determine the outcome of these inevitable moments.  Remember you have the ability to do anything you put your mind to, and don't forget there are helping hands all around you. Sometimes the hardest part is to ask for help to reach your goals. Don't give up, don't let fear get in your way, and enjoy the ride!  We wish you the best in all that you do, and we are here to support your healthy schools initiatives in any way needed - just reach out!

Funding Opportunities

Write a 250 word essay to get your school's name in for a $15,000 drawing to build a schoolyard garden.  Yes, that is it, a 250 word essay!  Read more here to find out all the details. Drawing will be held March 22, 2018 so please submit entry no later than March 11th.  Best of luck!!

The Foundation for Douglas County Schools is now accepting proposals for 2018 Opportunity Grants  

This spring more than $22,000 will be awarded to projects that fuel experiential learning and to schools and classrooms that most need the Foundation’s support. Click here for details including the Request for Proposals and for information about other funding opportunities including the Nancy Intagliata Legacy Award which is a private staff scholarship for elementary school employees.

Alliance for Healthier Generation: Opportunities

Kick off your 2018 healthy school efforts! 

Attend one of our free webinars below, and you will be eligible to win a $200 Target GiftCardTM  

Need one-on-one guidance? 
Schedule a call right now!

Register for What do YOU need? Grab-and-go resources for your school's health efforts webinar on January 15, 17, 24, or 25
Take Action Webinar Series: 
Attendees will be entered in a monthly drawing to receive a $200 Target GiftCardTM.Ten winners will be chosen each month!*  Login to see the multiple dates and times available. 

What do YOU need? Grab-and-go resources:   Jan 15, 17, 24, 25
Join us to learn about tools, resources, and expert guidance offered at no-cost. Can't attend, check out this on-demand video.

Wellness Committees that Work: Jan. 17, 23, 29
Learn how to start or reenergize a wellness committee that coordinates communication and decision making. Can't attend, check out this on-demand video.

Healthy School Celebrations & FundraisersJan. 18 & 22

Discover alternative celebration and fundraising ideas and develop a plan to take action. Can't attend, check out this on-demand video. 

Active Learning & Classroom Energizers Webinar: Jan. 11, 16, 23, 29
Learn how to integrate physical activity in the classroom with no-cost, turnkey resources. Can't attend, check out this on-demand video.

Healthy Schools Gets Techy!

We are on twitter!  Please follow Healthy Schools on twitter and be sure to retweet us.  We want to publicize all the great work that happens in our Healthy Schools.  We will give you an extra entry in this month's blog drawing if you follow us!   @DcsdHealthy

Is your New Year's Resolution to go on a tech diet?  If so, read these 5 steps for tech use reduction shared by Kristen Race, owner of Mindful Life (Great resource for mindfulness in the classroom, in the workplace, and parenting).

  • Step 1: Track your screen-time with the Moment app or the Realizd app.
  • Step 2: Started checking email intentionally by making it difficult to check email on your phone and by scheduling times to check email.
  • Step 3: Finally say "no" to notifications by turning off those pesky red flags for all social media apps on your phone. 
  • Step 4: Unsubscribe to the zillions of email newsletters overwhelming your inbox using
  • Step 5: Recharge with a digital sunset. Put your phone away: out of sight, out of mind.

Training Opportunities

MindUP Curriculum- Why? How? Plan! 
Session 1807-1 January 22, 2018. 4:30-6:30 at Clear Sky Elementary. 
This two hour class with provide an overview of the neuroscience that supports using mindfulness in
the classroom along with some hands-on activities, the MindUP curriculum, and planning time with 
colleagues. The overall goal of this workshop is to train teachers how to use the MindUp curriculum 
and other mindfulness resources to aid in creating optimistic classroom environments, provide social 
emotional learning skills practice for students, decreasing stress and anxiety while increasing focus, 
self awareness and self management skills.

School Celebrations    

From David Garrett at Cresthill Middle School: David attended Teaching with the Brian in Mind #1 workshop and had his class create brain neurons using pipe cleaners. A girl in the class took it one step further and created her neuron and then with the extra time created labels using the pipe cleaners. 

Healthy preschool holiday party at Soaring Hawk!

Physical Activity

Paula Bishop from Sage Canyon shared the idea of creating indoor recess bags for staff to check out on those cold or rainy days. All of the activities in the bag will encourage students to be physically active on the days they can't go outside. She shared her list of supplies (equipment request) in case anyone is interested in creating something similar. 

Have You Done the #Jump4More
Health & PE Challenge Yet?

Join the #Jump4More Challenge and have your students tell Congress why there needs to be more health and PE in schools!

For the 2017-18 school year, Congress drastically reduced funding for Title IV, Part A of the bipartisan Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

The #Jump4More Challenge will be integrated into our talks during our annual SPEAK Out! Day and showcased to members of Congress in an effort to highlight the importance of health and PE.

Take the #Jump4More Challenge

3 easy steps to take the #Jump4More Challenge:

1. Take a short two-minute video

2. Share on social media

3. Challenge your colleagues

Check out the videos of other school and teachers! Want to get involved too? Have your students jump rope or shoot hoops four times then ask them to share what they love about health/PE!

Use the SHAPE America sample video scripts to get started.

Help join the fight for more funding!

If you need some research behind movement for principals, parents, or colleagues read this article...
Research behind the effectiveness of Physical Activity!
We love this brain poster...


From the article, "Meditation has been shown in many studies to work as well as common prescription drugs for anxiety. It can even reverse the damage caused by anxiety and make your brain less anxiety-prone. In this newly updated and expanded article, you’ll learn:
  • Four key ways meditation makes your brain less prone to anxiety
  • Why mindfulness meditation is particularly good for anxiety relief
  • Why guided meditation is a foolproof way to get started
  • The best websites and free (or nearly free) apps for meditations for anxiety
  • Moving meditations to try if meditation makes you more anxious"

Wonderful resource website...

3 Ideas for bringing gratitude to your classrooms through writing (article)


You should love it because...
In addition to helping control your blood sugar and fend off diabetes, this big-around-the-holidays spice is good for improving your cholesterol, warding off Alzheimer's, and possibly alleviating symptoms of PCOS in women. (Pro tip: opt for ceylon cinnamon – the milder relative of the more common grocery store variety, cassia cinnamon – for the strongest health benefits.)

Spices for better mental focus!

Water Resources

Posted: 22 Nov 2017 10:45 AM PST
The Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) at Jeffco Public Schools partnered with Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH) to create a peer-led healthy beverage campaign for K-12 students entitled, “Water: It’s In Your Nature.” The students developed this toolkit of learning activities to parallel the current regional campaign from the Healthy Beverage Partnership. 

The campaign toolkit contains four activities: Water Conducts the Brain (eight-minute educational video); Water ‘Bout Me (online hydration calculator); Ready, Set…Water! (interactive Kahoot trivia game); and You Can’t Bottle Creativity (student PSA challenge). These activities have now been integrated into the Jeffco Public Schools curriculum for all teachers. The toolkit is useful for anyone working with the K-12 population to promote water consumption. 

Download the toolkit here.

That's enough for now. Thank you for reading our blog! Please leave a comment to enter your name in our monthly blog drawing.  Have a wonderful January and keep up with all of your health and wellness initiatives!

With gratitude,
Laurie & Kimmy

Thursday, November 30, 2017

December 2017

This time of year is crazy- lots of lists and details.  In order to not get buried in it all and enjoy the amazing things happening around us, we need to pause.  Taking a purposeful pause each and every day means intentionally pausing throughout the day to center ourselves.  It's not difficult and allows us to reconnect with our breath and the present moment. As a way to remember, maybe set a reminder on our phones every 2 hours or use expected moments during the day (such as a red light, copy machine visit, or a meal) to try a purposeful pause. Once the moment arises, take 3-5 minutes to focus on breath, check in with the body or utilize senses to be present in the moment.   More information on Purposeful Pauses with Janice Marturano

Colorado Healthy Schools Champions Applications are open!! Due 1/19/18

The Colorado Education Initiative recognizes schools that have "excelled at creating health and wellness programs that support student learning" through the Healthy School Champions Recognition program. 40 Colorado schools will be chosen to receive an award valued at $500 to $7500. Your school must complete the Colorado Smart Source survey by Jan 19, 2018 to be eligible. Champion awards are due February 22, 2018. Reach out to Laurie LaComb at for any support.

Schools must submit Smart Source by December 15, 2017 to be entered in the $1000 raffle. This deadline is only two weeks away so, if possible, please know we are here to help you in any way!  Link to Smart Source

Brain Boosting Strategy

A study at Stanford University had students think about their thinking, by reviewing their study plans before an exam.  The students who actually reviewed their study resources before actually used them performed better and had less stress. This study outlines five steps to make this happen in your classroom.  

1. Think about and list your options before you study.
2. Make a plan.
3. Set & get those goals.
4. Know that you can.
5. Through infinity.

Read the article for more details

What does Medicaid do in DCSD?

This amazing federal program is responsible for supporting the majority of the Healthy Schools work in DCSD.  Here is a little information about Medicaid...

Our DCSD Healthy Schools Program is supported by the Medicaid Reimbursement Program.  Special Education service providers throughout the District document their services for our IEP students which enables the District to receive partial reimbursement for the costs involved in providing those services.  

Staff also receives Random Moment Time Studies from the State via email.  The email contains a link to the survey which consists of five questions.  The survey should be answered promptly after the assigned "moment" occurs, keeping in mind the health-related aspect of your moment to obtain maximum credit for the response.  These surveys take less than five minutes to answer.  For more information on the Random Moment Time Study, please visit our Google Site:   On the Site you will find examples to assist in answering your Random Moment Time Study quickly and efficiently.  The Site also contains useful information on all aspects of the Medicaid Reimbursement Program.

The funds reimbursed to the District are used to promote health, wellness and prevention programs for all DCSD students.  Please support the Medicaid Reimbursement program to allow us to continue providing these much-needed programs.

Training Opportunities

1/23/18- Teaching With The Brain in Mind Part 2Mindfulness, Meaning, and Mistakes
Get back onto the road of learning while considering the brain and how it operates, thinks, and processes information.  Jump right in and join us as we experience teaching strategies that include neuroplasticity, learning to learn, mindfulness, using mistakes to make meaning, and brain differences (age, stage, gender).  Participants attending this workshop will get a deeper understanding of how the learning brain functions and collect a variety of strategies to implement into planning, content, and the classroom.
Please go to Inspired Ed to register now!

Kim Bevill Workshops

Upcoming 2018 
Winter-Spring Schedule!
- Join us for a "Movement Course" Weekend.... Learning in Motion -  1 credit class (for 3 credit course)
April 21 & 22...Gender and the Brain

If you need tuition assistance, utilize DCSD's Tuition Reimbursement Program (It is AWESOME!)

Free Mindfulness Video Trainings- a great resource for teachers and mindful practitioners.

Daily Good Deeds

Carrie Wisehart released her printable December Daily Good Deeds calendar this week.  Print it out and practice kindness every day.  A December Daily Good Deeds calendar would be a fun project for a class!  Daily Good Deeds Calendar

Physical Activity

Please share with your recess supervisors. Positive recess leaders

Save the Date! Staff Wellness Event

Fit Fest - Saturday, February 3, 2018 -Rock Canyon High School. You won't want to miss this FREE wellness event. More details coming soon from staff wellness. 


The ingredients for this veggie tray are pretty simple.  Start by cutting your cauliflower into small bite-size pieces.  Place them on your tray and then arrange into a snowman shape.  You will also need additional veggies to surround your snowman.  We chose carrot sticks for the top portion, because Olaf has a carrot for his nose and it was a cute match!  We used pretzel sticks for his arms and hair.  I broke apart one pretzel stick and used it for his fingers.  For the face, you can even  draw your own on a piece of paper if you are feeling artistic.  You can also use olives for his buttons which would be super cute.  Link to description.

We wish all a wonderful holiday break! Make sure to take a few purposeful pauses to soak up all the wondrous last moments of 2017.

With gratitude,
Laurie & Kimmy