Role of a Coordinated School Health Co Leader

Coordinated School Health Co-Leader
Roles & Responsibilities

As a co leader, you are the Healthy Schools Champion for your school!  Please refer to your Destination Guide that you received last year for more detailed information.  If you need additional copies, please contact Laurie LaComb at or Kimberly Romine at

Roles & Responsibilities
  • Facilitate at least 3 Coordinated School Health meetings throughout the school year (A team is vital to the success of the SHIPs and overall health and wellness at your school. See guidebook for more on this.)
  • Complete Scorecard Assessment through Colorado Education Initiative (new schools or if it’s been 3 years since the previous assessment)
  • Create a new SHIP for the following school year (April-May).
  • SHIPS can focus on any aspect of Coordinated School Health, whatever fits the climate and needs of your school. Please see the Whole School, Community, Child information below.
  • Gather data and monitor progress of SHIP work.
  • Write Success Story based on final results of SHIP implementation (See Template in Guidebook.) Let's demonstrate the impact our program has on DCSD!

Nuts and Bolts
  • Please use me! I am here for you to help with anything!
  • There is a $205 stipend for all of those who complete their 2017-18, collect data, and complete a success story.
  • The SHIP template is available on this blog or on the Healthy Schools website
  • There are many options for healthy school fundraising that are healthy, easy, and fun! Try hosting a karate workshop, sell BRAX cups or flower bulbs (you get 50% of the proceeds)
  • I can also help you look for and/or write grants. Just tell me what you’re looking for!


  • Read the Healthy Schools Blog on a regular basis (please)