Monday, October 27, 2014


I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful fall weather as the leaves change color and fall before our eyes. It's hard to believe the snow will be falling soon!

We are ironing out the final Roles & Responsibilities of the Coordinated School Health Co Leaders. We will send it out to you by Thursday of this week! We will also have it listed on the Role of the Coordinated School Health Co Leader. 

As a reminder, we will not have a fall meeting this year. We do still plan to have a big meeting in the spring though! Instead, I am meeting with individual school teams to see how I can best support you this year. Thank you to those schools that have invited me to a Coordinated School Health Team meeting. It's so exciting to hear about all of the great work you're doing to increase physical activity, improve nutrition and the overall health and wellness of the students and staff at your school.

If you haven't scheduled a meeting with me yet, please email or call me by November 1st to schedule a time and date!  

Please Register for the Healthy Schools Move Program! 

Again, we are partnering with Kids Running America (KRA) in a DCSD Healthy Schools Move initiative, where staff, students and family members are encouraged to complete an ULTRAMARATHON and accumulate at least 100 miles of movement throughout the school year! There will be incentives and competitions (within schools and between schools or feeders) to reward participants for logging their miles.We worked very hard to be able to offer this program at NO COST to participants! 

To register, go to DCSD Healthy Schools Move. Registration is pretty simple but I have included directions on a google doc in case you need it. I've also included a google doc that details how to log miles. Your team will be your school name, so just use the drop down menu to find your school name and click on it. 

(We will hopefully be sending home a one page blurb in Thursday folders or via email to families as well as including information in THINK.)

Registration Instructions:

Logging Miles and Lifestyle Instructions:

Want FREE Fitness Classes for Students and/or Staff at your building? 

Contact Laurie LaComb for more information.

Healthy Schools Highlight...

Getting Active with the Mountain Ridge Middle School Rams
Mountain Ridge Middle School saw changes in the physical education program that, in turn, created a lack of physical activity during the school day. The Mountain Ridge school health team and administration enlisted the help of student leaders to develop, support, and lead the RAM classes.
RAM is a student-led leadership program that began with an advisory focus. The school health team understood that including students in the design and implementation of the program would help with the sustainability over time. And, with funding from the Healthy Schools Colorado Grant, physical activity was incorporated into the RAM classes.
The result? One hundred percent of the students engaged to increase their activity on a monthly basis.
Take a few minutes to watch what happens when students are empowered, excited, and involved. Go Rams!

Community Partner Updates/Events


Go Noodle is a one-stop shop for brain breaks. GoNoodle uses technology and a familiar game-like experience to engage students through a variety of activities. There is no prep required. All that is needed is an Internet connection, computer, projector and white board. Brain breaks can be used anytime of the day - in the morning to get your students' heart rates up and their brains ready to learn, during transition times, after lunch and recess to increase energy and focus, or whenever your students need to get their wiggles out. Students who play GoNoodle stay more focused, engaged and motivated throughout the day. Research shows that short bursts of classroom physical activity improve student activity. Douglas County School District teachers have access to GoNoodle Plus thanks to the generosity of Children's Hospital Colorado. GoNoodle Plus offers core aligned brain breaks that get students active while maintaining fluency in core subjects. For more information about how to activate your sponsored account and/or to schedule a free 10-20 minute staff training at your school, please contact Kristina Clark at 719-205-6454 or by email at Kristina is also available for school events such as Health Jams and Field Days. 


As schools across the country are adjusting to the instructional shifts brought about by the Common Core, is leading the way to integrate these students into health education lessons. Aligning health lessons to the Common Core provides teachers with an easy and meaningful way to integrate health topics into their existing curriculum. HealthTeacher is a K-12 curriculum and has over 300 online lessons available covering a wide variety of topics. Children's Hospital Colorado is providing free access to Douglas County School District. For more information about how to activate your sponsored account and/or to schedule a free staff training at your school, please contact Kristina Clark at 719-205-6454 or by email at

Mega Math Marathon:
Run a virtual 26.2 mile marathon over time and practice dedication, goal setting, and math fluency in one big stride! In each session, your class gets a little closer to the finish line -- and by answering grade-appropriate math fluency questions (based on Common Core standards), you’ll sprint towards your best time.

The Road to Mastery: Assessment Strategies in Health Education 

This interactive training will explore types of assessments that can be used during introduction, reinforcement, and mastery of health skills found in Colorado’s Comprehensive Health Education Standards. Using an assessment process guide and toolkit, participants will develop student assessment strategies to use in their classroom. Participants also examine different types of rubrics and practice using rubrics to assess student performance and growth.
This is the fourth health education standards trainings offered by RMC Health’s Health Education Training Cadre.  If you are interested in the other trainings, take a moment to check this page,Colorado Comprehensive Health Education Standards Trainings, or you can simply contact us!
We will support your attendance by providing $75 per participant to support district substitute pay.
Credit (0.5 hour) from Adams State College is available for a fee.
Breakfast and lunch will be provided.
RMC Health, the Colorado Department of Education, and the Colorado Legacy Foundation have partnered to develop the standards trainings.

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