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August Healthy Schools News

Welcome Back! 

We hope you had a wonderful summer break and took time to relax and rejuvenate with friends and family. We've been busy preparing for a great year ahead and can't wait to get started! 

YAY Healthy Schools Blog! 
We created this blog in order to share information more efficiently as well as make resources and other information readily available to you and your team members. 

Included you will find:
* Calendar (We will post health and wellness related events in the district and community as well as important dates and deadlines. Please let us know of anything that you'd like to share or that we're missing!)
* Submit Your Event: Do you have a school or community event you want to share? Just email me with the outlined details and we will put it on our calendar! Be sure to add the Healthy Schools Calendar to your calendars so the events will show up automatically!
* Roles and Responsibilities of the Coordinated School Health Team (We are still working on this section)
* Partner Updates (Will be included at bottom of blog posts)
* Resources (links to research, sample SHIPs, etc. This is still being developed.)

Being that it's the start of the school year, there's so much to share, so please bear with us on this long(er) post. I promise not to be so long winded on future monthly updates! (:

First off, using the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model, we created a mission and vision for the DCSD Healthy Schools program and a three-year strategic plan to implement our health and wellness efforts. We had the opportunity to present to Cabinet this summer and with Student Wellness is a high priority, we will be able to move forward and continue our work!  This is huge progress for our mission in making the health of DCSD students and staff a priority in this district.

Douglas County School District will be recognized as the Healthiest School District in Colorado by 2017

DCSD Healthy Schools leads district-wide and school-based wellness efforts, offers professional development opportunities, and coordinates the efforts of health and wellness initiatives that support the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Initiative for all staff and students in Douglas County School District.

Healthy Schools Move
Without the HSSS grant money, we've had to improvise and seek funding from other sources. To do this, we are partnering with Kids Running America (KRA) in a 
DCSD Healthy Schools Move initiative, where staff, students and family members are encouraged to accumulate at least 100 miles of movement throughout the school year. There will be incentives and competitions to reward participants for logging their miles. Don't like to run? No problem! We will have conversion charts for participants to use to convert biking, swimming, tennis, etc. or you can just add those activities to the Movement Tracker to monitor your exercise! that to the movement With the KRA platform, there are opportunities for sponsors and partners to pay for sponsorships. 

I never would have guessed sales would be part of our job description, but we're so passionate about this work and cannot wait to share it! 

We've worked very hard to be able to offer this program at NO COST to participants! The revenue generated from these sponsorships will go directly back to schools to support health and wellness initiatives (a.k.a. your SHIP(s) since we do not have the $500 per school that we have had in past years.  PARTICIPATION IN KEY!!!

We will also be working with the Personalized Learning Leaders (PLL) in the district, in which the work of the Coordinated School Health teams can be integrated directly into their roles and responsibilities and includes a stipend. 

We will send more information on the launch of the DCSD Healthy Schools Move initiative, which we hope to be early September, so look for that in the next week or two. Contact Andrea Willis for more information or questions. 

Thriving Schools Grant
We are so excited to announce that DCSD was awarded the Thriving Schools Grant through Kaiser Permanente! This grant will specifically target 9 schools that will create student led health teams under the direction of a "Health Coach" (a staff member at the school) and includes a stipend. These teams will create and implement unique physical activity initiatives in each school. We are in need of one more High School to participate, so if you are interested, please contact Laurie LaComb. With this grant we will also be offering some exciting opportunities in the area for professional development, so keep your eyes open for healthy classes listed in the district course catalog.

Upcoming Events/Training Opportunities

DCSD Staff Wellness

Interested in forming a kickball team? 
All participants must be DCSD employees and there is only room for 24 teams.

The first 24 teams to submit all the required forms will be able to play.

* See below for more information on where, when and how! 

Interested in THE GREAT BODY SHOP Training???

School System: Douglas County School District   
Contact: Andrea Willis
Workshop Title: Basic Teacher Orientation: THE GREAT BODY SHOP
Objective(s): Participants will ...
·      identify the scope and sequence of THE GREAT BODY SHOP
·      locate essential components of THE GREAT BODY SHOP Teacher's Guide
·      explain the program mechanics of the curriculum
·      participate in lessons and activities from THE GREAT BODY SHOP
·      analyze activities used to meet the curriculum's performance objectives
·      identify cross curricular reinforcement activities, the Common Core alignment, and best practice instructional strategies
·      explain process and procedures related to available web tools
Trainer: Pat Stewart
Course Description: The Basic Teacher Orientation is a training experience designed to train teachers how to implement THE GREAT BODY SHOP.  After an overview of the curriculum, participants will experience demonstration lessons, active participation through curricular activities, and explore effective ways to implement the curriculum. The Children's Health Market wants to ensure that participants receive a workshop that meets their needs, is of the highest quality, and is relevant to specific educational challenges.  The training is designed to be interactive, practical and motivational.
For additional information, contact:
Barbara Burditt
Director of Training
The Children’s Health Market

800-782-7077 x1003

Building a Foundation for Quality Physical Education: It Begins on Day 1 
Attendees will learn:

  • Ideas for introducing, teaching, and assessing social skills 
  • Strategies for implementing student-centered guidelines, expectations, and routines
  • Sample cooperation and trust activities for the first few weeks of school
When: Wednesday, August 20th at 3pm Pacific (4pm Mountain, 5pm Central, 6pm Eastern)
Who: Grades PreK-12 teachers and administrators, PE specialists, after school and early childhood teachers and staff 
Duration: 45 Minutes
Cost: Free

Click Here to register for this webinar.

“Public Health in the Rockies Conference”
September 17-19Fort Collins Marriott, Fort Collins, Colorado

“American School Health Association Conference”
October 9-11
Hilton Portland & Executive Tower, Portland, Oregon

If there's anything else you'd like us to include, please let us know using the "Submit Your Event" tab or contact us directly. 

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